How Small Businesses Can Reply on Drupal to Compete Online

If you have a business and you want it to be successful, you need to have an online presence. No two-ways about it.

However, as the online economy boomed and everybody scrambled for their personalized .com piece of web presence, few gave too much thought to the maintenance it would require. After all, if it isn’t current, then it isn’t useful.

When this realization began to occur, the majority of businesses lunged towards the trend of the time – templates.

These were pre-designed and pre-coded websites where companies could simply fill in the blanks. The problem, as it is right now, is that these templates all began to look the same over time. Until we have the web which we do now, with many websites looking almost identical to the last.

For business owners, this used to be a tricky spot. Do they spend a lot of money on a developer or leave the site be.

Now, however, there is a product which can help. It’s called Drupal.

The best way to describe Drupal is by equating it LEGO. A base Drupal website would be considered the LEGO base, where all of the pieces will stick to remain upright.

The pieces that you will build on the board, in the case of a Drupal website, are called modules. These modules perform a range of tasks, from taking online orders to arranging shipping, to estimating delivery prices.

Of course, these modules can also be fully integrated into existing backend CRM systems for easy interoperability.

With over 16,000 modules to choose from, building a site with Drupal is designed to be as simple as possible.

Of course, functionality isn’t the only benefit which small businesses can see. Personalization is at the core of Drupal, with numerous options for creative influence available to select from. In fact, most of the websites you shop at likely all use Drupal without you knowing it. Whether it’s music sites like Spotify or the Groupon Coupons page for rue21.

Infrastructure such as Drupal is a powerful tool for small businesses to compete on an even footing when it comes to the online marketplace. If you are running a small business and are looking to upgrade your online presence, consider the benefits which Drupal can provide to your business and your customers.

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